Monday, November 11, 2013

Beta Channel Update

The Chrome Team is happy to announce the promotion of Chrome 32 to the beta channel for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Chrome 32.0.1700.6 contains many improvements including:
  • Tab indicators for sound, webcam and casting
  • A different look for Win8 Metro mode
  • Automatically blocking malware files 
  • A number of new apps/extension APIs 
  • Lots of under the hood changes for stability and performance 
Find out more at the Chrome blog. A full list of changes in this build is available in the SVN log. Interested in switching release channels? Find out how. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug.

Karen Grünberg
Google Chrome


Rafael Hilário said...

Good job Google Chrome Google Chrome Beta tested the meter and the interface is just fantastic. Now I'm starting to believe again in the innovation of Google Chrome. More still think it lacks a makeover and new layout pro browser. Thank you Google Chrome Team.

Sterling said...

What happened to the voice search option on the NTP?

Sterling said...

BTW, why didn't you use the casting icon that Chromecast and YouTube use.

Nash said...

Oh dear lord, what infernal madness did I release onto my machine!

Every startup includes the screen flashing black and white with the display driver choking...the webcam is switched on all the time!


TwistyTrev said...

Tab audio indicator on youtube only works with pepper flash

Tony Barnes said...

What is the purpose of the google chrome icon on the app shelf on windows 8 metro, when i click it it really doesn't do anything?

جعفريات said...

What is about aura?

SauS said...

Since the update i have input lag, and the browser itself feels like it runs on 5 fps or something.. Like it's not using the GPU properly anymore (since before i had the fraps counter in screen and now not anymore), whatever you changed, it sucks since it's not working properly..

Daniel Hedblom said...

Yay! Love the new Tab indicators already.

Nice work team, i want to hug you all :D

Mike Kopy said...

GPU compositing on all pages + everyting made into a composite layer

+ enable all those new flags:

Universal accelerated overflow
Deadline scheduling
UI Deadline scheduling
Delegated Renderer
Map-image rasterizer
Accelerated scrollable frames
composited scrolling for frames


Chrome devs even increased autoscrolling (middlemouse drag)to 60fps

Chrome is finally smooth. keep up the great work!

Win8.1 + AMD Radeon 7870

downquark said...

I'm getting text corruption on popup items (drop down menus and the "mouse over link" indicator that appears at the bottom

This seems to put only with hardware acceleration on.

Graphics is AMD HD 4800, drivers 13.1

Luke Nelson said...

I love the tab indicators, but I wish the favicon would still show as well on pinned tabs. I like to see what tab it is making the noise and a favicon is a quick way to do this. Would it be possible to extend the pinned tab to show both, or have an option to?

Emanuele G said...
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Emanuele G said...

downquark said...
"I'm getting text corruption on popup items (drop down menus and the "mouse over link" indicator that appears at the bottom

This seems to put only with hardware acceleration on.

Graphics is AMD HD 4800, drivers 13.1
7:10 AM, November 12, 2013"

I have the same problems
Graphics is AMD HD4600
Win8.1 Pro

Tony Barnes said...

The site for reporting bugs is offline, and i have one to report the metro mode upon closing chrome, the screen is grey and will not close out, the adblock plus extension keeps closing out in this build as well, otherwise its rock solid.

Tom Wiltzius said...

Can anyone who can reproduce those corrupt text characters in dropdowns please go provide specific reproduction steps and machine information in ? We have not been able to reproduce the issue.

Anyone experiencing general display corruption (flashing black / white windows etc) can you please file new bugs at ?


Unknown said...

Text rendering is still terrible on windows 8.1 - jagged fonts for a bunch of things, eg. the roboto font on Google play. Anyone have a solution?

Doc said...

Where have my scrollbar arrows gone to - again?

Matt Lashof-Sullivan said...

With this new build, I'm getting bad Flash performance, and corrupted-looking floaty text for autocomplete forms, and for link URLs when I mouseover links.

I also feel like I'm getting worse performance overall, but I'm not sure about that.