Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chromecast and Google Cast SDK Update

The Chromecast device has been updated to build 12940. This update will be rolled out over time, and you do not need to take any action to receive it. It contains the following updates:
  • Better discovery of Chromecast devices
  • Improved Google Play Movies stability
Additionally, we have published version 1.0.1 of the Google Cast SDK preview, including libraries for Android and iOS, as well as documentation on the Receiver, Chrome and Android APIs. This is a bug fix update with one key developer facing change for iOS -- ‘namespace’ renamed to ‘protocolNamespace’ to allow Objective-C++ development.

More information about the Chromecast device is available on the Chromecast site. Information about the Google Cast SDK is available on the Google Developers site.

Ambarish Kenghe
Google Chromecast


Matt said...

Why the hell cant we cast stuff with Chrome for Android yet? Its very unbelievable that this wasn't available since day 1.

Rocky Egner said...

My Chromecast Arrived 8-21-13 and the only casting I can do from my Droid Bionic phone is Youtube, sucks. Works great from my ASUS Transformer Tablet TF101 though.

However, when I went to rent a movie from Google Play last night I still receive a message that HD content will not play on my device. I'm very confused about this and hate to blow off $4.99 to see if it will play on my HD tv anyway.

Tim Ehat said...

It's great to see the bug fixes get out like this. We're all looking forward to the additional work that's happening to open up the floodgates that will allow every app/website we use to take full advantage of the APIs. It's really cool to have a device that you know is only going to do more and more over time. Great work, guys.

I am Blog said...

When will Google let developers release Google Cast enabled apps?

Raymond Irving said...

I would love to see chromecast support added to Google Drive, Chrome for android, Google Maps, etc

DRE said...

I've been trying to get my computer to connect to Chromecast for days. Good support, isn't. I a bit surprised. Using a very standard platform Win7, 64. This shouldn't be that difficult!

WizarDru said...

My device (which I got on Friday), works like a charm...except with Google Play Music from my Nook HD tablet. Netflix, Youtube and Google TV & Movies on the same device all work fine. Casting from my iPhone and laptop work swell, but for some reason when I try to cast from the Google Play Music app, it says 'cannot cast to' my chromecast device.