Thursday, August 22, 2013

Chrome Beta for Android Update

The Chrome team is excited to announce the promotion of Chrome 30 to the Beta channel for Android. Chrome 30.0.1599.17, which will be available in Google Play over the next few hours, contains a number of new features, fixes, and improvements, including:
  • Search by image: Long press on any image and select the option to search Google for content related to that image
  • Easy access to tab switcher: Drag down from the toolbar to enter tab switcher
  • Draggable menu: Simply drag your finger to select the menu item you need
  • Side swipe on toolbar to switch tabs: You can now switch tabs by swiping left or right on the toolbar. To avoid accidental interaction with page content, we have disabled tab switching using side swipe on page content area
  • Easy zoom gesture: Zoom into your preferred magnification on any desktop web site by double tapping on the page and swiping your finger up-down without lifting it 
  • WebGL: A JavaScript API for rendering interactive 3D graphics and 2D graphics has been enabled by default
  • Device Motion: Web developers can access device acceleration and rotation rates via the device motion part of Device Orientation API
  • Media Source Extension support: A JavaScript API that enables use cases such as adaptive streaming and time-shifting live streams
Known issues:
  • 263870: History search textbox disappears when search term is deleted.
  • 275778: Text becomes duplicated after inserting & removing a line break within a word
  • 261822: Partial white flashes and background border issues when tap-to-zoom
  • 266572: Flickering on HTC1
  • Some known crashes
A partial list of changes in this build is available in the SVN revision log. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug. More information about Chrome for Android is available on the Chrome site.

Jason Kersey
Google Chrome


Sterling said...

Love the new zoom feature (and the image search feature, which debuted earlier on Chrome Beta desktop) and I also like the new feature but I wish the swipe from the side had stayed.

fr said...

Glad you disabled the side swipe, it was getting rather annoying accidentally switching tabs when trying to scroll around pages. The new solution works much better.

Simon said...

When removing the side swipe tab switching you also removed the possibility to switch tab with one hand. Your thumb is on the bottom half and the toolbar is on the top and quite difficult to reach on the 4.7-5" screens that high-end phone have these days. So what could be done with one hand requires two hands now which is a big usability regression for a phone. Please fix this!

tablo said...

Wow, these new swipes are so much better. Makes the experience whole lot better. I have no problems reaching the top address bar and swiping really. It really was annoying when I tried to swipe between images and it swiped between tabs.

Jeremy said...

I love the new gestures, but I have 2 thoughts.

1) When you pull down from the address bar, the natural reverse gesture (to me) would be that you could return to the current tab by swiping back up.

2) When you are settled down a page, the address bar is hidden, and so then changing tabs requires a swipe up and then down, which seems odd.

But I really do like where it's going!

Ben Pascoe said...

So many nice new features completely offset by removing the best feature of chrome. Side swipe to switch tabs.
At least you could have made it optional. Not everyone has fat clumsy fingers.

This one gets immediately uninstalled.

Polly said...

side swipe is chrome's killer feature for me. really miss it. from galaxy note2 user

Robert Ölei said...

I understand that it may be a problem to swipe on the toolbar if you have a big screen, but if you have a bumper or a case it's not that easy to side-swipe. I really prefer the new tab switch and tab select functionality.

Simon said...

One solution would be to optionally put the toolbar on the bottom of the screen. Then the tabs and other features would be easily accessible with only one hand on large screen devices. I don't see the point of having it on the top anyway, seems like it's there only by tradition.

ranjith said...

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snow-boi' said...

I have a note ii and the best feature for one handed use is now gone! Is it possible to at least have the option to enable side swap from anywhere on page or maybe even a hot zone in the setting menu? Thanks..hope to have side swap back..reverting back to previous version now..

Sterling said...

Ugh! I just noticed tabs open in the foreground! Please switch it back to opening new tabs in the background, specially when openning bookmarks!

zele said...

Is it possible auto magnifier when chrome isn't sure which link you want is also gone?

hlias makhs said...

its very nice
please add bookmark left slide like youthbe to be more easy..
because now you have to put many button.

Daniel said...

How does search by image really work? Is the link to the image transmitted to Google? or is the whole image uploaded? Wouldn’t that potentially be horribly slow over a cellular connection?

yankster said...

Everything is getting better and better with the browse, but one thing I have trouble with is "going forward" cuz we have a "go back" button on the bottom right of our devices, but to "go foward" you have to press the menu then reach with your thumb to "go foward."
So maybe to do a hold slide or:when you press the menu the arrows are on the bottom of it.

Mike Zoran said...

Very surprise no one asked this but when will this be fixed:
275778: Text becomes duplicated after inserting & removing a line break within a word

I place a worth in the search window hit space and it duplicates the word. Delete all, hit space and it repeats word I delete. Annoying. Removed update for this reason.

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Alexandra Staiber said...

It s hoorible for me that new tabs open in front instead of backyard. Why am I not allowed to choose by myself?