Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Dev Channel Update

The Dev Channel has been updated to 29.0.1535.3 for Windows, Linux and Chrome Frame [Update: 29.0.1535.4 for Mac also]. This release fixes a number of crashes, as well as other bugs. A full list of changes is available in the SVN log. Interested in switching release channels? Find out how. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug.

Jason Kersey
Google Chrome


Evan said...

1. The RMB menu appears above the click instead of below it.
2. Clicking into an Ars Technica article requires more than one click to get back to the main page (http://arstechnica.com/).
3. If I've scrolled down to go into an article, hitting "Back" to the main Ars Technica page takes me to the top of the page. Clicking the mouse wheel down once jumps to one click below the previous scroll position.

sL1pKn07 said...

amd the sources?

the last version in gsdview.appspot.com is https://gsdview.appspot.com/chromium-browser-official/chromium-29.0.1524.0.tar.xz

Scott said...

Hitting reload isn't actually refreshing pages with updated content for me.

This is happening on Craigslist as well as google forum pages. I need to click a link and then click a return link to load new content. Pressing reload does NOT update.