Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Beta Channel Update

The Beta channel has been updated to 28.0.1500.52 for Windows, Mac, and Chrome Frame, and Linux.  Full details about what changes are in this build are available in the SVN revision log.

For more information about features coming to Chrome, check out the Chrome Blog.

Interested in switching release channels? Find out how. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug.

Anthony Laforge
Google Chrome


Migman said...

28.0.1500.45 for Linux was realesed 6 days ago.

Patrick said...

When are you going to fix the New Tab Page or give us a reason why you will not give us a choice.
You ask for our comments and then do nothing with them.
What is the point of a beta program if you do not listen to the testers or give reasons for the changes, so we understand the point of changes that are regressions not improvements!

Patrick Minze

laforge@chromium said...

Thank you for catching that, typo in the post, Linux Beta/Stable are on 28.0.1500.52.

kyle said...

not a real major issue but for the past couple of months when i update it only shows 0% complete throughout the entire update and then it just asks to relaunch. just a minor thing

Mitch said...

This seems to be quite a lot smoother and faster, not as many crashes with flash.

On the other hand, why do I now keep getting checkerboard patterns on pages as I scroll down quickly?

Flamboyant said...

New Page Tab is still slow as balls when opening, compared to the older version.
And the Context Menu is still big as a truck.


Rajkumar Subramaniyam said...

Couple of our site pages are throwing an sad face error with the Stable channel release. Beta release fix those issues. When do we can expect this release on stable?