Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stable Channel Update for Chrome OS

The Stable channel has been updated to 27.0.1453.103 (Platform version: 3912.79.0) for all Chrome OS devices. This build contains a number of new features, bug fixes and security improvements. 
Machines will be receiving updates over then next several days.

Release Highlights:

  • Panel windows for chat and more
  • New Launcher positioning mode
  • Per App list of open tabs & windows
  • Horizontal three finger scrub moves between tabs
  • New folder hierarchy on file manager
  • Autocomplete in Drive search
  • Memory management optimization
  • Enhanced support for common wireless touchpads/mice
  • Updated Chrome Office Viewer extension
  • Pepper Flash updated to 11.7.700.202-r2
  • GTalk plugin updated to

If you find new issues, please let us know by visiting our help site or filing a bug. Interested in switching channels? Find out how. You can submit feedback using ‘Report an issue...’ in the Chrome menu (3 horizontal bars in the upper right corner of the browser).

Josafat Garcia
Google Chrome


acai said...

how many days do i need to wait for an update please?

currently stuck at corrupt Version 27.0.1446.5 dev build.

Thomas Beling said...

I have the same question. As I know others that already received this build.

Derik Taylor said...

Well from my experience you should have one of two options. First, you could wait for the update, which should reach all Chrome OS devices within the next few days (I am not a Google representative so I cannot give a definite timeline). The device should autoupdate and then you should be set.

The other option is to back up your data (or just put it all in Google Drive, as would be the most common-sense thing to do) and run the Chrome OS recovery utility to force the device back to stable channel with the most up-to-date version of Chrome OS.

If you want to go with the second option, more information could be found here.

Jordan Chervenkoff said...

And after all these years there is still no choice given to the user as to where to install the browser. Come on, guys - you can do better.

Deming Yin said...
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Deming Yin said...

Current version:

Version 27.0.1453.103
Platform 3912.79.0 (Official Build) stable-channel daisy
Firmware Google_Snow.2695.117.0

Missing these two feathers:
- New Launcher positioning mode
- Per App list of open tabs & windows

It turned out I have to go to chrome://flags to enable these two, when I put the launcher to the left, the time display looks weird.

Steffen Bardolatzi said...

Now I have rebooted my Chromebook (Samsung 1st generaton) 4(!) times and hoped to get the latest version via settings --> help as usual.

Then I have reloaded the page *multiple* times before each reboot and the latest update still has not been recognized.

Usually an update is downloaded using setting --> help after 4 or 5 reloads of the "about" page.

What is going on with Googles promise as for installing security updates for Chromebooks in time?

By the way installing Ver. 27 from an USB-stick with loss of all data is *no* alternative.

acai said...

not impressed. still no update. :(

Zain Ajam said...

At the moment the stable channel and beta channel for Chrome OS is the same version number. When is the beta update coming? I have it on my windows computers, but the Chrome OS v28 has yet to be promoted to beta from dev on my chromebook.

Ben Rexin said...

Using 27.0.1453.93 on MacOS, WebGL is disabled, version before it wasn't. What happend?

Christian Purple said...

I still have not received my update. Samsung ARM Chromebook

Fran├žois Bacconnet said...

It is deceiving not to have the update more than five days after the announce. My Alex (Samsung 1st gen) would love to taste all this new niceness. What's up, guys? Give us update, please :)
Because it is always so delightful to have my two years old computer renewed every six weeks.

Kenny Strawn said...

According to OmahaProxy, the update has apparently been pulled... I'm still waiting for Dev to be promoted to 29. Seriously, Google! Don't pull the update unless you know there's some serious show-stopper bugs (security or otherwise) that warrant the pull!

Dewhurst said...

I have not received the update either, but I also assume that it was pulled for now.

It seems that many of the people who did receive an update are missing features so I am also assuming that the wrong build was pushed out or that there were some problems with the build that they did not realize and now have to wait a while.

Timothy J. Holloway said...

Looks like Google is too chicken and cheap to do what they said they would. It just passed midnight on the west coast, making it an entire week since this was supposedly released.

Google doesn't truly care about the user experience on chromebooks. They care about user information so they can move forward with whatever they're planning. And after two years, chromebook users are still beta testers. That's why Google won't follow its schedule. They're too afraid to make the same stupid mistakes they've been making as they are just cause for complaints to official institutions, and they've too lazy and cheap to do the job right without introducing ridiculous bugs, like the current one where my screen fritzes out once or twice when coming out of sleep. In November, little pop-up labels actually blocked clicking on apps.

Google just isn't serious about doing a good job or getting it right the first time, even while constantly improving. But they are smart because for most people, they just don't seem to care.

I wish that companies like Google met reasonable expectations and not just the lowered expectations of an enslaved society or societies that are told they've free and then oppressed through the system and because of each other. Google deserves the most intimate association with their customers.

Screw you, Google. This chromebook is the first and only thing I ever intend to buy from you because it SUCKS! It's way too slow, the OS is buggy, and 90% of the promises you've made have been hollow. You've actually created an OS that's gotten SLOWER, not faster, thanks to a relatively useless desktop wallpaper, pop-up taskbar, and probably some extra-crappy coding to boot. Can't see why they'd make promises of "Fast Web" six months before releasing an Atom-powered computer only to needlessly complicated the OS several months after that.

I hate you, Google. You're one of the worst companies because you get it wrong on such an international scale, you that is an advertiser, a technology company, and an Internet company. You have no excuse other than that you cater to the same kind of fools so common on the Internet already.

ferjan ormeling said...

Would be nice if Josafat Garcia would chime in here and let us know what's happening with this update...


Matt Rao said...

After 7 days of waiting, I just got the update 10 minutes ago. So far I don't see any of the new features. Very disappointing :(

acai said...

you are lucky to receive update. me nothing!

Zachary Keeping said...

It's been a whole week, Google.

A simple update would be nice.

Eric Hare said...

Why is Google silent on this? We got Chromebooks to have the latest and greatest Chrome releases and our computers always up-to-date automatically. And yet we're behind every other platform now, with not a word from Google about why.

Very disappointing.

acai said...

olufemi said...

Just got a update and I see no change.
Version 26.0.1410.57
Platform 3701.81.2 (Official Build) stable-channel parrot
Firmware Google_Parrot.2685.37.0

I don't understand what gives here? I when I first got my Acer C7 I was loving it, but now its just very laggy. I even upgraded the ram and that only gave it a negligible performance boost. I'm starting to have my doubts about Google and its ability to be consistent in putting out quality rather than having use beta test

Aaron Johnson said...

I'm still waiting for a stable channel update on my Acer C7 Chromebook. I'm on a stable channel all right, but it may take some time for my chromebook to be updated. Maybe it will be updated on Friday, Saturday, or maybe Sunday.

Steffen Bardolatzi said...

After about 15(!) manual attempts the update to Version 27 finally worked (menu --> settings --> help --> about page with several reloads).

An automatic update notification has not been shown.

[Samsung Chromebook, 1st generation]

DemonCB said...

Same as Steffen, multiple manual update attempts finally got it updated. Samsung ARM Chromebook.

acai said...

i must have tried over 100! times of manual refresh, still no update. more than a week now.

Peter Anderson said...

No automatic up-grade

Hi! This is the first place on the web that I have found some useful information about ChromeOS up-grades.

I have a HP Pavilion 14 Chromebook that is about three weeks old. It came with ChromeOS ver. 23... which COULD NOT be up-graded in the normal way. It required the USB Recovery technique. My PC is now at ver. 26... but again will not up-grade to ver. 27...


I really like the Chromebook concept and find my HP Pavilion a great device. However, basic support seems to be lacking.

Google! please sort this up-grading issue.


Mike said...

Wow, this is disappointing. I just bought the current Samsung Chromebook expecting that it would update at the speed of the regular Chrome browser. I'm still stuck on 26. Not a good first impression to say the least.

acai said...

over a week, still no update.

Unknown said...

Acer C7 still won't update after more than a week. Still stuck on Version 26.0.1410.57.

Zakariya said...

Still no update here either. If Google found something wrong with the update and have 'pulled' it I think that's fair enough as they shouldn't have to release a 'bad' update but what I find unacceptable is their total silence on the issue.

I'm not expecting a chapter & verse explanation (I'm sure they've got better things to do) but a simple post here saying the update is on hold or something (if that is the case) would be nice

Ong Chi Hang said...

For those who haven't got the update, you can try refreshing the help page until the chromebook starts the update process.
There are many reports that say it works and a minority of users say it doesn't work. (No harm trying)
I tried the method and it works after refreshing for about 8 times.
Good luck!

acai said...

me still nothing for acer c7.

according to

the most updated stable version is 26.0.1410.57. and the previous stable version was 27.0.1453.94.

may indeed pulled.

Timothy J. Holloway said...

Just another failure from Google. Chromebooks have gotten slower and slower, the features aren't there, and even updates they post don't actually come through. Is it political or technological? It's both. Google's not making money updating Chrome OS; they're thinking about the future. They should be thinking about their users and how angry they're making chromebook users because Google, for all its pervasive popularity, isn't the be-all end-all of the Internet. In fact, I'd like to suggest anyone reading this consider using an AdBlock extension for Chrome or any other browser. It'll block everything from Google, Facebook, and pretty much everywhere else ;-)

Peter Anderson said...

Version 27 is here!

This morning my HP Pavilion Chromebook did the automatic update to ChromeOS Ver. 27 - see:

Version 27.0.1453.103

Platform 3912.79.0 (Official Build) stable-channel butterfly

Firmware Google_Butterfly.2788.39.0

Your device is up to date.


Fran├žois Bacconnet said...

Yep, I was able to "force it" last night. But I don't see the "New Launcher positioning mode" nor the "Horizontal three finger scrub moves between tabs" ... :(

acai said...

how to "force" update it? i refresh the help page many many many times already.

ahmed said...
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Timothy J. Holloway said...

Wow, hey! I just reboot after seeing the icon that it was the last step.... And apparently by the version number under Help, it's now 27. Gosh, that's only 13 days after it was supposed to be! Seems the update cycle has become much slower in this instance... kind of like the performance of chromebooks in general! Wow, Google, you're just... a bunch of liars!

This machine gets slower and slower, certainly not better and better. Bah!

Dewhurst said...

I understand your bitterness, but I have ego go on record as saying that my machine has not gotten slower in the least bit. As peppy as the day I got it. The delay was unfortunate, but perhaps we can continue on from here. Things don't always go according to plan.