Monday, February 4, 2013

Dev Channel Update

The Dev channel has been updated to 26.0.1403.0 for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Frame. This build contains following updates:
  • Introduced a different variable icon for VPN (Issue: 172317
  • Enabled showing Google now notifications in Chrome (Issue: 164227
  • Implemented drag URL onto Home Button to set homepage (Issue: 152210
  • Enabled speech bubble for platform apps (Issue: 164382
  • Added UI to printing selection with print preview (Issue: 83098
  • Added backup URL support for safe browsing data requests (Issue: 155753
  • Added support for Chrome's identity API (Issue: 134213
  • Enabled showing a modal dialog (instead of a bubble) for one-click sign in confirmation window (Issue: 171330
  • Added search token to omnibox in Mac (Issue: 163190
  • Changed the gray omnibox suggest color to black (Issue: 172142
  • Fixed a crash in the DXVA decoder in Chrome (Issue: 171673
  • Fixed the hierarchy arrow for nested bookmark folders for Mac (Issue: 111101
  • Fixed showing of the profile picture in the uber tray when user clicks (Issue: 140961
  • Fixed bug causing tab favicon media indicator to not turn off (Issue: 171077
  • Fixed unintended first item selection when focusing using mouse (Issue: 172283
  • Hided action box while typing in an omnibox (Issue: 157232
  • Hided new Autofill UI when the user moves the window (Issue: 171673
  • Reverted the appearance of simple notifications (Issue: 172358
  • Disabled the "Open All in Incognito window" in Context menu for invalid urls (Issue: 106609
Full details about what changes are in this build are available in the SVN revision log. Interested in switching release channels? Find out how. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug.

Tanya Radeva
Google Chrome


joesixgig said...

Really appreciate the list of changes, thanks.

Tianxuan said...

Enabled showing Google now notifications in Chrome.

Windows 7 64bit

Chrome crash after click google now "settings" button.

Chris said...

How do you enable google now?

Sgt.Sausage said...

Yeah will have to wait till next week, clicking settings on the Chrome Notifications icon in the system tray crashes the browser.

iPodGamez said...

chrome://flags enable rich notifications

The bug where a highlighted menu option is faint still exists unfortunately. It becomes difficult to tell what menu item is being mousedover

Armin L. said...


"chrome://flags enable rich notifications"

I do not have enable rich notifications ounder myflags.

I have current dev channel installed, on mac

Tanya Radeva said...

Thank you for your feedback and reporting the issues - we will investigate and provide fixes.

Best regards,


pureocean said...


1) This build crashed with "--disable-sync" command-line.

2) Still cannot fixed spellcheck issue:

3) I don't use and want Spellcheck. Turn off spell check. Despite, Chrome downloading Dictionaries file to \Dictionaries folder. 9 mb! Even if it's disabled, why it's forced downloading?

4) About new diaglog style: Context background menu color is white. I don't like it. At least, add a command-line "disable-new-dialog-style".

I hope, Dev Team take notice of the comments.

Best regards...

Marcin Dzikowski said...

Chrome crash after click google now "settings" button.

dartdog said...

last two dev versions on my Chromebook keep saying cannot reach Google drive retry when using the file manager, clearing/ resetting and rebooting don't help, bug reports filed, web works fine but of course have no sync or offline.

dogsoldier said...
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dogsoldier said...
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Avinash Agrawal said...

Seems new chrome versions use lot more network data ? Can we minimize network data usage, for 3G data plans ?

Vidhuran Harichandra Babu said...

Has there been any changes to the RTCPeerConnection object ? especially with the localStreams and remoteStreams ?

Vidhuran Harichandra Babu said...

Just to clarify things more ...

The LocalMediaStream Object looks like this in the normal chrome

LocalMediaStream {onended: null, readyState: 1, videoTracks: MediaStreamTrackList, audioTracks: MediaStreamTrackList, label: "JlI6TyshbKhRuwtM50F2dvhzX60pfX1VXwAV"…}

audioTracks: MediaStreamTrackList
label: "JlI6TyshbKhRuwtM50F2dvhzX60pfX1VXwAV"
onended: null
readyState: 1
videoTracks: MediaStreamTrackList
__proto__: LocalMediaStream

and it looks like this in the Dev channel

LocalMediaStream {onremovetrack: null, onaddtrack: null, onended: null, ended: false, id: "sWHnEwyoxPovgiAamNZwbcsJN8Cfmj6BdorL"…}

ended: false
id: "sWHnEwyoxPovgiAamNZwbcsJN8Cfmj6BdorL"
label: "sWHnEwyoxPovgiAamNZwbcsJN8Cfmj6BdorL"
onaddtrack: null
onended: null
onremovetrack: null
__proto__: LocalMediaStream

Is there any particular reason for this difference ?

Johan Gustavsson said...


Chris Jones said...

Another note of appreciation of the excellent list of changes!