Friday, February 22, 2013

Chrome OS Management Console Update

The Chrome OS Management Console in the administrator control panel has been updated. This update brings new user policies including:
  • Safe Browsing
  • Google Drive syncing
  • Google Drive syncing over cellular
  • Bookmark editing
  • Spell check service
Known issues are available here. Enterprise customers can report an issue by contacting support.

Lawrence Lui
Google Chrome


Abdul Alim said...
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Pamela Merritt said...

Since this upgrade, my Chromebook (Acer, 1st Gen) gets madly pixilated most of the time when I use the switch screens button.

Doesn't seem to mess anything up, except visually.

webit said...

After updating from 24 to 25 version, I can't sign into my account (google apps) to enable sync. It works if i downgrade to 24 but it updates everytime after installing 24. This also happens in 25-beta and even canary version.
Can you help fix it issue?