Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dev Channel Update for Chrome OS

The Dev channel has been updated to 23.0.1271.16 (Platform version: 2913.41.0) for Chromebooks (Acer AC700, Samsung Series 5 550, Samsung Chromebook Series 3, and Cr-48) and Samsung Chromebox Series 3. This build contains UI, stability and performance improvements.

Highlights of these changes are: 
  • Pepper Flash updated to version
Known issues: 
  • 3495434964 - There are a few situations where the network becomes unresponsive.  Workaround: Restart system and reconnect to the internet.
  • Camera app doesn't load.
  • 151431 - Audio and Video doesn't play in the background.

If you find new issues, please let us know by visiting our help site or filing a bug. Interested in switching channels? Find out how. You can submit feedback using ‘Report an issue’ under the wrench menu.

Ben Henry and Josafat Garcia
Google Chrome


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Սահակ said...

There is no such thing as "Samsung Chromebook Series 3".

Stop posting that. I have already mentioned it 10 times already. Series 3 is a Windows laptop not a Chromebook.

Google never made Series 3 Chromebook.

Here is a list of all Chromebooks ever made:

I think you are confusing it with Series 5 chromebook.