Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beta Channel Update

The Beta channel has been updated to 18.0.1025.33 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame platforms

  • Updated V8 -
  • Fixed several crashes (Issues: 110943, 110234, 110176, 108986)
  • Sync: Conflicting sync entries should not be committed (Issue: 82236)
  • Back button frequently hangs (Issue: 93427)
  • Fixed Speech input bubble borders don't closing (Issues: 98323, 112194
  • Improved the quality of the omnibox
  • Fixed Gap between download shelf and vertical scrollbar  (Issue: 111266)
More details about additional changes are available in the svn log of all revisions. If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug.

Karen Grunberg
Google Chrome


Sterling said...

Thanks for fixing the speech bubble issue!

Can you please look at this

I files that bug a long time ago and it is still present.

I don't have the English (Australian) dictionary enabled yet it still shows up in the spell-checking context menu.

rob said...

Cannot view certain pages for eg Facebook and my Chrome extensions no longer work

rob said...

sorry this is on Chrome Canary build

Nuno Peralta said...

Thank you for finally adding a Color Picker in your Canary version! :) For more suggestions, see:

Ensing said...

Recently a problem was introduced that stopped loading content in popup windows. I noticed that in version 18.0.1025.11 beta-m.
This happens for example in the Web software of RallyDev. When you try to edit an item a popup window is launched with the editable content.
The content is received over https.
Fiddler is not reporting any problem with the content retrieval.
It seems to be the rendering.
Chrome freezes for a while after this problem occurs.

This stopped working very recently and has NOT been fixed in the 18.0.1025.33 beta-m release.

RallyDev is receiving various issues from other clients as well.

They asked me to drop you guys a note.

Not sure how helpful this is, but maybe other users are experiencing also new similar problems.

Johnathon said...

Rob & Nuno - this is for the beta.
I'm experiencing tab crashes on at least wikipedia (Linux). Anyone else?

Nuno Peralta said...

I know, sorry. But there isn't Canary's articles either. I'm not sure if the Team reads comments from older articles either (as I could write in one of the Dev's).

Jeffrey Sung said...

I found that the chrome stop reopen my previous tabs after a cold boot (restart or hibernate). It started from the first V18 beta release.
I tried to get help from Group page but no luck. Anyone has the same situation?

Johnathon said...

Jeffrey Sung obvious question - what is it set to in chrome://chrome/settings ?

No tab crashes today, unlike yesterday, so I conclude its problems with hardware acceleration (options I was using on about:flags) .

Jeffrey Sung said...

Hi Johnathon, I set the option "On startup" to "Reopen the pages that were open last" for years. It worked very good until last two beta release.

Ben L said...
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Ben L said...

What exactly are the improvements to the omnibox? It's a shame that one of the browser's best innovations has been wasted on such a broken autocomplete implementation. Despite being listed as an "objective" of omnibox (, it almost always fails to match against internal URL substrings. And if you're searching the entire history history database, why limit to only 3 results? I can't tell you how often I see what I need for a split second only to have it replaced by other results after typing another character or two. Firefox is killing Chrome on this one. The only conceivable explanation is that a crummy autocomplete results in more Google searches and ultimately more money for Google. Prove me wrong, Google!

Johnathon said...

Jeffrey Sung - mine works, have you tried with a new profile?
just had a tab crashes, will try to narrow down and submit bug. Linux

NikhiL DodariyA said...
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sute said...

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Gary said...

I'm seeing the same problems as Ensing. The RallyDev web application no longer works when it tries to open a pop-up window. This also happens on some gambling websites that try to open a pop-up for your account/wallet details.

Jeffrey Sung said...

OK, it seems been fixed in the latest Beta release 18.0.1025.39. (Issue: 113319)
Thanks for all your help.