Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beta Channel Update

The Beta channel has been updated to 17.0.963.33 for all platforms other than Chrome OS.  This update fixes a number of stability and UI issues.  Full details about what changes are in this build are available in the SVN revision log.  Interested in switching release channels?  Find out how.  If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug.

Jason Kersey
Google Chrome


Dragontatt said...

Thanks for fixing the popup window size.

database error... said...

ever since the last two beta versions, the little button/icon to create a new tab, that used to have a "plus" inside it, is missing this plus.

whats wrong here?

also with this build, my scroll bars (vertical) on windows xp (32bit, sp3) are missing the arrows for up and down. they only show as gray boxes, without the arror representing the direction.

whats wrong here?
is all of this on purpose?

Nobu said...

@database error...:

Yeah, dev channel too. I don't see a bug filed; you can search for and star a bug if you find one, or file a new bug at

If you want to discuss the bug, start a new thread (with a link to the bug) on the chromium-discuss mailing list at

(you can sign into your google account at if you have trouble signing in, or click the "sign in with a different account" link on the "join this group" page.)

Jor said...

@database error...

I still have scroll bar arrows here.
Win7 Pro x86 SP1

As for that plus sign, they removed it on purpose to further "minimize the interface". I questioned the move myself, but some people say it's for the better, like not rendering those pixels to lessen distraction and speed up browsing. That still seems like horsecrap to me.

Sterling said...

I think the + icon on the new tab page was removed.

Not a bug?

Cody said...

Removal of the New Tab + was intentional. I like the cleaner button.

snozwoz said...

dotn know if they thought of it, but good half way house with the + plus button would be to show the + only when mouse is hovered over.
Please can we have ability to print background images. this issue been starred for only 4 years.

Cody said...


In one new tab button design experiment in the canary build, the + did appear with hover.
However, I think the current design's glow with hover is cleaner and still intuitive.

bdols said...

I truly hope that you are aware that Chrome startup is orders of magnitude slower with version 17 as compared to 16. I have many tabs open so I can't help but notice it, especially with the "slow tabs" notification window pops up repeatedly.

elronxenu said...

Removing the + image from the 'new tab' button breaks a principle of UI design which is that it should be intuitive. If the user doesn't already know that the little parallelogram means "new tab", there's no clue what it actually does or indeed that it does anything, until the user clicks on it.

Most users are looking for a '+' symbol; there seems to be no good reason to take the symbol away; it does not add clarity to the user interface.

Does google do usability testing on these things? i.e. get a bunch of non-users into a laboratory and ask them to do various tasks, and analyse how they solve the problem?

Cody said...

I disagree. The new tab button is still intuitive.

(1) The shape is similar to a tab.
(2) The button is on the same row as the tabs.
(3) A + implies addition but does not specify. For example, people expect + to add bookmark (Safari).
(4) The button is still clearly visible.

Red Aether said...

Awesome Screenshot was broken with this beta. I know that is on the the App developers to fix, but Awesome Screenshot a great productivity app. Forced me to go back to stable for my work computer.

*keeping my fingers crossed that when 17 goes stable i can still use Awesome Screenshot*

Red Aether said...

Also, on the + in the new tab button: I bet google is trying to scrub plus signs that do not have anything to do with G+

Nobu said...


I disagree with (1):
- Tabs are trapezoids, with only one set of parallel sides. However, the button is a parallelogram, with two sets of parallel sides.
- In my theme, the color is completely different from the tabs' colors (both active and inactive). In the classic theme the colors are more related, however.

Also, (3) conflicts with (2):
- It's on the tab bar, as you said, not the bookmarks bar.
- It's always next to a tab.

And (4):
- A color-blind user or someone with poor vision may not be able to see the button with the poor contrast (in it's non-hovered state) between it and the tab bar.

Mamdouh said...

please look to this(Issue 109344)