Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beta Update

The Beta channel has been updated to 9.0.597.45 for Windows, Linux and Chrome Frame.

Flash Player sandboxing has been restored, and accelerated composting and WebGL have been moved behind flags temporarily: --enable-accelerated-compositing and --enable-webgl respectively.

If you find new issues, please let us know by filing a bug at

Anthony Laforge
Google Chrome


matthewp131 said...

im using a cr-48, and am wondering if these updates apply to it as well, as i would really like an update for it, how do i get one if one is available, and will it fix the sluggish performance when opening multiple tabs. And also, THANK YOU GOOGLE, I LOVE MY CR-48

William said...

Nope,no update for Chrome OS.
When an update is ready you will see an orange dot by the wrench.

nixternal said...

Jeesh, you all are doing beta releases like this was some kind of open source project. Oh wait, my bad, it is :p

RichB said...

"accelerated composting"? Is that some high-nitrogen juice you've been pumping into Chrome?

nhnl said...

To turn on the accelerated compositor (for 3D CSS, etc.) in this release, both of
--enable-accelerated-compositing and --enable-accelerated-layers are required.
The latter flag can be set in the about:flags page.

E-Man said...

I JUST uninstalled chrome. Why? I NEVER INSTALLED IT. Google's hijackware disguised as "GOOGLE UPDATE INSTALLED CHROME WITHUT MY PERMISSION OR KNOWLEGE. That is not an update, it is a class action lawsuit waiting to happen. That is THE MOST pathetic, and dishonest, evil, attempt to become the dominant browser. HOW do I PERMANENTLY UNINSTALL CHROME? It's not permanent when it REINSTALLS itself without my permission!

bt said...

^You mad?

Lali said...

Google chrome 9.0.597.44 it's very good no rundll procces ,and works body browser :D

Google Chrome 9.0.597.45 flash player bug it's again rundll process , and not working body browser :(

Solution ???

Tank you :)

Fabio_Rulez said...

this page: has several rendering issue... please star this bug!!

sakhre said...

why you are boycotting iranian user?
We are fight for freedom & Peace with Tlaeban in iran & you are boycott us, why?
why you suppurt dictator?

Vitaliy said...

Google Chrome 9.0.597.45 (Official Build 70550) beta
WebKit 534.13
User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US) AppleWebKit/534.13 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/9.0.597.45 Safari/534.13

Windows 7 x64

just compare this page with firefox and you'll see.
this web page displaying incorrectly on google chrome.

Sanosuke said...

Accelerated composting!

I like this new environmentally friendly feature.

shit said...

Body browser not working with the latest update.....needs roll asap........please

lorelei said...

i love my cr-48 but all of a sudden my java plug in is missing and i cant fix it ,1st where d it go and 2nd why cant i re install it,please will somebody help! it has been over a week i have been trying to correct this to no avail!

William said...

@lorelei there is no Java plugin for Chrome OS right now,only if your in Dev mode with a different Chromium build.

Samuel said...

Google Chrome 10.0.603.3
error when posting to blogger, when we published the post is empty.
please forgive any grammatical error (Google Translator)

Giovanni said...

Crash plugin Shockwave at

Air Max said...

"To turn on the accelerated compositor (for 3D CSS, etc.) in this release, both of
--enable-accelerated-compositing and --enable-accelerated-layers are required."It is right friend.

1776blues said...

Seeing how I cannot figure out how to submit an issue I will state my dissatisfaction here. It appears that this update has caused an issue with playing audio files for websites I visit. The mp3 files before this update would load in the chrome browser and play now they still load the same and a player still shows but I hear no sound.

Under inspecting the javascript page I see this message:Resource interpreted as document but transferred with MIME type audio/mpeg.Failed to load resource

Is there anything I can do that does not require a full course in Computer classes. Can I dump the beta version and go back to one that works or should I just dump Chrome and chalk it up to another browser that offers the world but simply gives the user a pile of dirt!

Fabio Turati said...

@1776blues: to submit an issue go here:
However, you haven't indicated the web site where this problem shows up, so make sure you mention it when you submit the issue!