Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dev Channel Update

The Dev channel has been updated to 7.0.536.2 for Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome Frame

  • Fixed saving passwords containing non-ASCII characters (Issue 54065).
  • Accelerated compositing and support for 3D CSS transforms enabled by default (Issue 54469)
  • WebGL support enabled by default (Issue 54469)
  • Regression fix: keep the download shelf visible when multiple sites are saved. (Issue 54149)
  • Add a lab for the Page Info Bubble for Windows and Linux; Mac coming shortly.
  • Fixed a problem with context menus where the presence of extension-added items prevented keyboard accelerators from working. (Issue: 54497)
  • More keyboard shortcuts for Tab Overview.(Issue 52834)
  • Add sqlite and javascript memory columns to task manager
  • Add javascript memory column to task manager
  • Make compile-time dependency on gnome-keyring optional
  • Resolved problems accessing FTP sites (Issue 54395)
Known Issues
  • Problems downloading some attachments in hotmail: Issue 57334
More details about additional changes are available in the log of all revisions.

You can find out about getting on the Dev channel here:

If you find new issues, please let us know by filing a bug at

Karen Grunberg
Google Chrome


Dustin said...

Windows 7 64 bit
Radeon 5770 with Catalyst 10.9

WebGL and Accelerated Compositing are not on by default and the switch to turn them on does not work. Is this a bug? I was able to get acceleration in the canary build, firefox 4 beta, and ie 9 however Chrome dev will not work regardless of what I try.

Jason said...

^works for me.

Nice update!

Andrea said...

add the option "clear history when Chrome closing".


Dustin said...

I was wrong, they are both on but I am not seeing any FPS increase on IE 9 fish tank demo and I get the Ah Snap crash page a ton. Had to turn off both switches to get a crash free browsing experience. Any idea why I would still be getting 1-5fps in fishtank when I get full acceleration in Firefox and IE9 Beta?

Dustin said...

Also, font rendering looks horrible on certain pages such as Facebook when acceleration and webgl are on :(

Hope this gets sorted out before the stable release.

REO said...

Very nice update!

Win Vista/32 bit

David said...

I'm on Mac OS X 10.6.4 and I can't seem to update automatically. When there's an update it will say "Update Now" then it will load for a while and then say "Error 12" After that I have to go through the Library and delete everything related to Google so that I can manually install the new version. The only thing I can think of that could be causing this problem is my use of CleanMyMac. It deletes all language files, Universal Binaries and things like that. I don't know if that could affect me though.

Avinash Agrawal said...

wow, lots of new labs in

REO said...

Flash - Version:

Older Flash Plugin used.

Win Vista/32 bit

Jonas N said...

Ooh, suddenly the Mac version scrolls much smoother than before! Nice update indeed. :) (or maybe it's placebo, but I thought of this as a change immediately)

Jonas N said...

This entry:
"More keyboard shortcuts for Tab Overview.(Issue 52834)"

Should be:
"More keyboard shortcuts for Tab Overview.(Issue 55530 and 50307)"

For the actual shortcuts, see this:

slipstream said...

> * Add a lab for the Page Info Bubble for Windows and Linux;

This seems to be a typo, actually "Page Info Bubble" about:labs toggle is not available in Windows/Linux 7.0.536.2 Dev build. Instead it was added to the previous Canary build.

The lab options that were enabled in this dev build are actually "Tabbed Settings", "Remoting" and "Instant" (this one only on Windows).

Dan Kantor said...

"Add sqlite and javascript memory columns to task manager"

I am not seeing this on Mac. It is just on the Task Manager correct?

Emiya Shirou said...

Where the hell is my smooth scrolling and nice IE9 like text display(When hardware acceleration is enabled), I'm Disappointed D:

Wes said...

Settle down, Emiya. You're using a development build, there is no need to start demanding things.

Stecki said...

After updating to this dev release, I keep getting display errors and tab crashes (on Mac) when using (#newtwitter), especially when displaying the details pane with geolocation-info.

Miel said...

I'm using this release on Windows Vista. Chrome now crashes every hour or so. I have two pinned tabs (reader and gmail) and a few other tabs that change every now and then.

pepa said...

Esta actualización va super lo entiendo.
Incluso ha empeorado respecto a la versión anterior.
Un saludo

Xarijus said...

Facebook chat became sluggish after update.

Roberto said...

"Enable Remoting Host support." in chrome:labs.
what means?
thanks :-)

Keith said...

Discovered a really random bug. If you have tabbed settings on and the tab open, then disable it and restart (tabbed settings still open) it stays turned on even though it lists as disabled in about:labs and your settings still open in a tab.

Keith said...

Ooh. Actually, doing that makes tabbed settings stuck on permanently.

Kratos said...

I disabled the instant search but it is still enabled! (although it is listed as disabled)

dario said...

esta version esta muy lenta al abrir mas que las anteriores versiones

Marasmo said...

In SunSpider benchmark, this version are 40% more slow than previous version.

Ghardas said...

Win7-64bits really slow version, it only improves by enabling this flags: --enable-gpu-plugin --enable-gpu-rendering --enable-accelerated-2d-canvas --enable-fastback --enable-video-layering

Zntgrg said...

+1 Still needs some flags, btw now smooth scrolling is smooth!

Roberto said...

I disabled the instant search but it is still enabled! (although it is listed as disabled)

alehox said...
It crashes except the first one.

vhanla said...

-webkit-transform: rotate [...] usage hangs my chrome extension, and other pages that uses this too.

Hammy said...

Yeah, I second the comment on Facebook chat. CPU usage has climbed too.

luke said...

Did anyone else lose access to their extensions ? Normally where there would be icons corresponding with extensions in the toolbar, I have grey boxes that highlight when I hover over them.

I'm on mac os 10.6 with chrome 7.0.536.2 dev.

Andrea said...

Frequently crash using Facebook