Friday, August 27, 2010

Beta Channel Update

The beta channel for Chrome has been updated to 6.0.472.51 for all platforms. It contains many stability fixes, UI updates, and some additional translation work.

Interested in seeing all the changes? Check out the full svn revision log.

Change the release channel you are currently on.

Found a bug? Please let us know!

Jason Kersey
Google Chrome


Josh Smith said...

The pdf plugin doesn't work on linux still. It didn't work on the dev, then it did work, and then a beta was released with an earlier version where it didn't work. So now on dev it works, but beta it doesn't. You see the grey background and "Missing Plug-in" screen.

jasonvaritekfan said...

I really wish there was a notification that Chrome was updated. I just got this post in RSS and when I went to check for the update, I already was running the latest update.

I guess I just like knowing when my browser has been updated.

jasonvaritekfan said...

PS Yes! I just checked a UI bug I was having problems with and it's been fixed!


Lanel said...

Thanks a lot!!!! :)

Biturica said...

Pop-up blocker hasn't been working for me in these betas

Lanel said...

@Biturica, try one of these: or :)

Stephen said...

It is geting closer to the stable verison

ilev said...

New BETA won't update from version .41 to version .51.

log :

[0828/] Invalid version string: .
[0828/] Invalid version string: ..
[0828/] failed move C:\DOCUME~1\ilanlev\LOCALS~1\Temp\chrome_20841\source\Chrome-bin\6.0.472.51 to C:\Documents and Settings\ilanlev\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\6.0.472.51
[0828/] list execution failed
[0828/] Install failed, rolling back...
[0828/] Rollback complete.

gsctt said...

After this update, my browser has had problems in displaying some themes installed from the extensions gallery.
* Anyone else experienced this UI bug?
* If yes, does anyone know if there's already some reporting about?

Thanks anyway.

Fabio_Rulez said...

in this version it seems that finally zoom doesn't break windowless pulgin!
see issue 9996 for details


Cutter said...

I had a custom theme as well and it was looking weird, so i reset to the default theme.

assuntoscriativos said...

a versão 7 está com problemas. o search não funciiona