Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dev Channel Update

The Dev channel has been updated to 5.0.366.2 for Windows and Linux, and 5.0.366.0 for Mac.

  • [r42843] Fixed a bug with incognito extensions like RSS Subscription. (Issue: 39351)
  • [r42400] Will no longer automatically offer to translate in incognito mode. (Issue: 38107)
  • [r42981] Fix file upload code to not hang the HTTP session when the file is unreadable. (Issue: 30850)
  • See all
  • [r42411] Improvements to the bookmark manager (Issue: 39085)
  • [r42548] Re-enable pinned tabs; add support for mini and app tabs. (Issue: 36798)
  • [r43157] Fix selection issues with the cookie manager after deleting cookies. (Issue: 33320)
  • Some minor UI changes in the omnibox.
  • Recent regressions in font rendering have been fixed.
Known Issues
  • The location bar is undergoing renovation. Please excuse our dust.
  • The bookmark bar is not visible on the New Tab Page, will be fixed in next dev channel. Temporary workaround to bring it back is to enable it with a keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+B".
Important Notes
WebGL support in Chrome now runs inside the security sandbox. If you
have been testing WebGL, please remove the --no-sandbox flag from your
Chrome options. WebGL may be enabled via the --enable-webgl command
line option.

More details about additional changes are available in the svn log of all revision.

You can find out about getting on the Dev channel here:

If you find new issues, please let us know by filing a bug at

Anthony Laforge
Google Chrome


Jug said...

The location bar note sparked my curiosity. ;) I wonder what's up. :)

XDRAGON360 said...

Good job for getting the extensions working in incognito mode!

What is the location bar???

Li, Quanjia said...

Known Issues
The location bar is undergoing renovation. Please excuse our dust.

XDRAGON360 said...

So it's a new feature?

laforge@chromium said...

The location bar is the region of the UI where you find the back, forward, reload, home, and bookmarks buttons in addition to the url bar (aka omnibox), page menu, and configuration menu. Not really a new feature, just a bit of reshuffling.

XDRAGON360 said...

Oh, I wonder what will be different...

REO said...

So far, so good - Thanks Google Team!

I think with the integration of Flash the separate memory working sets tend to grow more quickly.

Ratko said...

Where are bookmarks from the new tab page ????????

I don't need them to show always, I need them only on the new tab page !!!!!

Justin said...

like that the omnibox doesn't turn yellow anymore :) and the icons on the left are nice. excited to see what changes are to come.

Keith said...

Erk! Bring back the bookmarks bar on new tab pages when it is off elsewhere. I think that make sense. If you had the bookmarks bar switched off before this you'll see what I mean.

Tambosi said...

Agree with Ratko and Keith: bookmarks bar must appear on new tab, but disappear after opening a page. It was the previous behavior, and to me seems to be much better than this just released.

laforge@chromium said...

The bookmarks bar will return to the new tab page in the next dev channel release. Some code changes related to Mac disabled it accidentally. For the time being Ctrl+B should bring it back.

Keith said...

So it was Apples fault AGAIN! Nahh kiddin :)

Locke said...

I just updated (5.0.366.2) and don't notice any changes with the location bar. (go me?)

the bookmark bar is intact, but like others have said if it's gone there's a keyboard shortcut to get it back.

Fabio_Rulez said...

if you want, as I do, different icons in the omnibox for the internal pages (about: chrome:) than the one used for the normal http pages please take a look at this issue:

nice release!! ;)

MhdHejazi said...

New menu item :)
Page right-click menu > "Translate to English"

Logan said...

I've got some really bad hanging on Windows 7 32-bit, not sure what it is yet. I can probably survive on Safari until the next Dev update.

Brandyn White said...

Please add a method to start with tabs pinned. Using the restore functionality is not good enough (on linux it seems to only reload properly until the machine is restarted). The previous command line cheat code was great and I have to stick with that version until something similar comes out on dev. I know this can't be hard to put back in with the new app tabs.

John Smarts said...

I can't stand the new bookmarks functionality. real time bookmark suggestions are gone, the folder icons and fonts are too big, and it feels very very unpolished. I just might uninstall dev and go to beta. Its hard on the eyes seeing all my bookmarks in huge bold.

zele said...

Anyone else noticing hangs if trying to open non responsive page? I can't do anything else in other tabs if one tab is waiting long for server to respond. Running on Win7/32bit.

Pele said...

hmm i see some nice finishing touches in the omnibox... e.g. search icons etc...

i guess this is the chromes team time to play about lol

Mark said...

Translate to English shouldn't show when the page is in English anyway. Useful feature otherwise though, I'd often close the translate bar by accident and need to refresh to get it back.

Guk said...

favicon disappeared in addressbar :)

Jacob said...

Move the globe icon to the right, like the rest of the icons. It looks out of place.
The shadow line is still there, and it has been for ages. Come to think of it, the close etc buttons aren't correctly placed in vista or 7.
Also, my bookmark bar is gone and I con't get it back.

Kurtextrem said...

The new Omnibox is really shit -.-

Thanks for fixing the Bug in Alerts going extended ;)

akbarri said...

could Google Chrome Teams add "Command Line" to "Google Chrome Options" ?

Dominic Low said...

On Windows 7 64-bit and I am getting some serious crashing from doing something as simple as clicking a button. @@

Is it just me or anyone else getting this?

nxt said...

@Dominic Low

It's not just you, I'm crashing from clicking links. Switching to FF until this is fixed.

Using Windows 7 64-bit.

thinkNsidedabunNOToutsidedabox said...


I installed 2 VersionS of Google Chrome, one is the Dev Channel @

So here's my question: When it comes time to update the Dev Channel PORTABLE version with newer DEV CHANNEL version, will it keeps all the EXTENSIONs I installed from the older version?

THANKS forward to your answer,

LZSaver said...

I've never used portable version of Chrome.

I think that is enough to move the browser data to Google\Chrome\User Data\Default in your localappdata directory.

If you need a stand-alone installer, see the link below.

M said...

IMPORTANT! Please, developers, READ that!

There is JUST a REASON because Chrome is not my favorite browser: when I click in my favorites folder (in bookmarks bar) and I click in a letter ("T", for exemple), Chrome don't go to my favorites that begin with letter "T".

I have 500 bookmarks and is dificult to acess them without this trick.

Please, make it work!

But I love Chrome too.

Mark said...

@Vivek & nxt, I'm on Win7 64 bit too and not getting any more crashes than most Dev releases.

Some are always to be expected in Dev, go Beta if you can't put up with it.

Arek said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
REO said...

I think it would be a great idea if we could identify our computing platform and operating system version when describing any problems with the current dev release.

Just my thoughts.

Windows Vista 32 bit - no major problems or crashes - so far.

Arek said...

internal flash crashing when youtube video starting

win xp sp3 32bit

C.Felipe Tenreiro said...

I'm having problems in YOUTUBE with this realease. The video embed appear in blank.

Guillaume said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
zdarlightz said...

is there anyway to fix the issue in the taskbar where each tab shows up as a new window?

using Win7 64-bit

Dogan said...

Right click your chrome shortcut -> properties -> compatibility -> Run this program in combatiblity mode for -> Windows Vista Service Pack 2 -> OK

Dogan said...

new omnibox causes crashes:

Fabio_Rulez said...

@zdarlightz BTW that is not an issue but a feature called Aero Peek. IE 8 has the same behaviour and they want to match it. if u don't like it star this bug:

REO said...

Looks like slight problem trying to open a link for a PDF file - white screen hang.

Win Vista 32

Lucky said...

Hey, Thanks for sharing this. I would like to tell you, This is extremely wonderful.

I am looking for this from a long time. Thank you for this again.

Rajnish Kumar

humpy said...

I am really not liking the Win7 new taskbar item for each tab. Please give me an option. IE8 even has an option... I don't want to open my Chrome Dev in WinVista compatibility mode :(

Sushubh said...

major crashes on trying to post a new blog post with wordpress. it crashes after i press publish. similar to reports above. i only face it on wordpress though. not on gmail.

George said...

This sucks. I hate the new look. Now they moved the bookmark button it no longer lets you drag it to where you want a bookmark. Really not impressed. Going back to Chrome Stable.

VJ said...

So many crashes on loading different web pages.

8th-Sin said...

Google Voice extension no longer gives an audible "ding" when a new text arrives.

Tomin said...

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REO said...

Wondering if the new embedded Flash extension will automatically be updated 'without' a new release of the Chrome browser?

Dill said...

This build seems to have a few issues with Facebook and I have gotten several crashes on Facebook's website. Also seems to have issues with Chrome flags extension. But overall still working well.

Win7 64bit

Wes said...

My window now starts with pinned tabs I had open in the last session (even if I closed them). The more I make, the more start when Chrome opens.

Is this a bug after attempting to make pinned tabs last across closes?

Kratos said...

The Google Chrome tab preview from the taskbar is not working for me. When I point my mouse on one of the tabs the load mouse icon comes up at the middle and never get away.

Fabio_Rulez said...

@REO: no, it won't

Fabio_Rulez said...

the taskbar tab preview (Aero Peek) will be disabled from next release due to several bugs. It won't be in Chrome 5 but is targeted for Chrome 6.

Justin said...

when can we expect the next dev update? liking what im seeing with the omnibox :) also, are the aero tabs going to be completely disabled for the time being? or just it wont show up in chrome 5 stable?

Kurtextrem said...

In two days, every 7 Days there will be an new Dev Update. I red it in a document from google ;)

Sushubh said...

there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to new builds. a beta was released today. a dev build can be issued anytime now. chromium builds have new options for syncing so this is going to be cool...

Cakalaky said...

All of my extensions stopped working. No update applied or anything. Frustrating. Win XP Pro SP3. Dev 5.0.366.2

This is the error I get for each extension:

This webpage is not found.
No webpage was found for the web address: (this list each extension's site url)

Kurtextrem said...

It was so by me, too.
You have do install all Extensions new, than it works again.

Cakalaky said...

Thanks for the info, I will do new install for my extensions.

That is working for me.

thinkNsidedabunNOToutsidedabox said...


I installed 2 VersionS of Google Chrome, one is the Dev Channel @

So here's my question: When it comes time to update the Dev Channel PORTABLE version with newer DEV CHANNEL version, will it keeps all the EXTENSIONs I installed from the older version?

THANKS forward to your answer,

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