Friday, December 4, 2009

Dev Channel Update

The Dev channel has been updated to for Mac.

  • [r33490] Disabled extensions. (Issue: 29086)
  • [r33556] [r33768] Added more localized string translations.
  • [r33803] Fixed download dialog truncation in German locale. (Issue: 23178)

More details about additional changes are available in the svn log of all revisions.

You can find out about getting on the Dev channel here:

If you find new issues, please let us know by filing a bug at

Anthony Laforge
Google Chrome Program Manager


termi said...

Is it possible to re-enable the extensions?

Nico said...

termi: Extensions will be disabled for the first beta release. Once the mac beta is released, extensions will be reenabled on the dev channel.

Jérémy said...

plus d'extensions??????? is good ! is bad, extensions please

Redfive said...

Is the dev release going to get extensions again?

The Human Resource said...

Can Chrome remember page zoom prefs?

I'd rather not have to zoom on each page over and over.

Nico said...

Redfive: Yes, extensions will be re-enabled on the dev channel once the beta channel release is out.

Greg A. said...

I don't know much about the Chrome build process, and so I don't understand why extensions have to be disabled on the dev channel just because someone lamely decided they didn't have to be enabled on the beta channel.

Chrome is pretty much useless to me without at least a few critical extensions installed.

Handycam said...

Macupdate has posted links to build .30, which still has extensions disabled. I agree with Greg, I won't use Chrome without ad blocking and flash blocking extensions, at the very least.

I like 2 bee Anonymous said...

My Chrome starz to freeze after enabling extensions. Coz one of the extension was doing something loopy in the background.

I disabled them all and it's working fine now.

I like 2 bee Anonymous said...

Screensaver doesn't work if Google Chrome is up. If you minimize then it's fine.

Don't know if there's a defect for this.


cy said...