Monday, August 17, 2009

Dev Channel Update

The Windows Dev channel has been updated to

This release contains all the fixes and changes from, plus one additional change: we've added bookmark synchronization!

To start using the feature, start Chrome with the "--enable-sync" flag, and go to "Wrench"->"Sync my bookmarks..."

For more details about bookmark synchronization go to:

You can find out about getting on the Dev channel here:

If you find new issues, please let us know by filing a bug at

Anthony Laforge
Google Chrome Program Manager


Emperor said...

Just this?

Wesley said...

Awesome. Hope to see more thing coming to life like extensions on this fourth release.

joegrind said...

Goodbye Firefox. Hope this will be able to sync with my work comp that only has IE

timbro said...


Makoto said...

Wow! The synchronization in GoogleDocs are greather. Now I can search for bookmarks in my GoogleDocs instantly.
But the parameter of the URL still need developer in search textbox.
But I think it's easy, maybe only a javascript line.
Thanks for this update!

joegrind said...

I really do think we can fit a print button beside the Home button..(something for the idea board maybe)

Wesley said...

Just tested and it works perfectly, even changing the order triggers the sync.

I just hated the new new tab page that shows less closed tabs than ever.

Miguel said...

"I just hated the new new tab page that shows less closed tabs than ever."
I just wonder what could have motivated such a change. The last new ntp was way better than the actual one, considering that closed tabs and downloads were just put right into chronological order, much better for visualization and navigation. Hope there's an update soon enough to make things fit.

Taleb said...

I've problems with facebook :( (no friend's name autofill, for example)

matthew tsang said...

i am actually not quite sure why google bookmark does not integrate into google chrome... ...

Alvaro García said...

I second the concern of the recently-closed section being much smaller.

It's such a loss of space and a downgrade in usability!

TheBashar99 said...

WTH were you guys thinking when you reduced the recently closed to only 3 items? Really, you could have taken a straw poll of 5 people at the coffee machine and figured out that was a bad idea.

Kedar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sam said...

Works as advertised. Syncing at GDocs is awesome! BIG THANK YOU!

goyalyank said...

Just add proper Gestures recognition Natively and I am done with every other browser.

RoyiAvital said...

Where can we find the list of the fixed bugs in this version?


sanjay said...

I would really appreciate if we could have all three in New Tab Page
1. Recent tabs
2. Recent downloads
3. Recent Bookmarks

This will really enhance the usability of New Tab Page. If people are not comfortable sharing all these details in New Tab Page, we could have option to Hide them in the drop down menu.

Nevertheless, as always Chrome rocks and i am glued to it right from the day-1.


Florentino said...

Still no smooth scrolling :(

was hoping it for chrome 4.

Martin Dolphin said...

Does bookmark sync work in the OSX version too? No idea how to add the command line flag to enable it in OSX - can anyone help?

Also what is the Google Docs sync some people are referring too?

ILay said...

Sync cann't log in to my Google Account. But I have opened Gmail and Docs.
[0818/] Syncer thread waiting for connection.
[0818/] starting the address watch thread
[0818/] AuthWatcher::Authenticate called
[0818/] Http POST failed, error returns: -111
[0818/] AuthWatcher::Authenticate called
[0818/] pthread_join failed returning 3
[0818/] Http POST failed, error returns: -111
[0818/] AuthWatcher::Authenticate called
[0818/] pthread_join failed returning 3
[0818/] Http POST failed, error returns: -111
[0818/] AuthWatcher::Authenticate called
[0818/] pthread_join failed returning 3
[0818/] Http POST failed, error returns: -111
[0818/] Syncer thread exiting.
[0818/] P2P: Mediator logout started.
[0818/] P2P: Thread logging out of talk network.
[0818/] P2P: Mediator logout completed.
[0818/] Handling a directory manager event
[0818/] The address watch thread has stopped
[0818/] starting the address watch thread
[0818/] Syncer thread waiting for connection.
[0818/] AuthWatcher::Authenticate called
[0818/] Http POST failed, error returns: -111
[0818/] AuthWatcher::Authenticate called
[0818/] pthread_join failed returning 3
[0818/] Http POST failed, error returns: -111
[0818/] Requesting get_time from:/time?command=get_time
[0818/] Http POST failed, error returns: -111
[0818/] Unable to check the time
[0818/] Requesting get_time from:/time?command=get_time
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[0818/] Unable to check the time
[0818/] Requesting get_time from:/time?command=get_time

est said...

Will it sync to


That i am said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Chris L. Carnakis, Esq. said...

I'm still waiting for the option to open/run downloads on the fly rather than only being able to save them. Still waiting...still waiting... . :(

Lumo said...

I reinstalled it and the Sync now works.

An obvious defect is that the custom search engines can't be synchronized in this way, can they?

See my comments why Bookmarks and engine unification would be the most sensible way to solve all these issues.

Simon H. said...

I've been waiting for this feature for so long :)

Even the positions of the bookmarks are live-sync'ed. Very nice detail! Thanks Chrome team.


Wesley said...

Lumo: I think for now only Bookmarks are under sync, but I'm sure that this will be extended to settings, cookies and search engine history. History itself I believe is complicated since it can become a huge file.

But once everything is on the cloud there will be no problem. GDrive is on its way (since you can find the bookmarks on Google Docs), and I guess Google Chrome OS will get the most advantages on this scenario, but this is next-year talk.

AshMan said...

I wish the bookmark delete command had an "Are you sure? (Y/N)" notification to it. I just lost an entire sub folder.

Wesley said...

I second AshMan, either a simple confirmation dialog or something more sofisticated like a trash folder only accessible trough the bookmark manager. I guess both options are easy to implement.

joe said...

thanks! that was nice and fast! and works pretty well and would def like to see this implemeted for other setting as well, like maybe extensions :D

joe said...

also i wish that they used the favicons of the bookmarks rather than a generic icon in Google docs...

Gensplejs said...

it wont sync to the google apps version of google docs :-(

Jeroen said...

How would this work on public computers ?

If you remove your bookmarks from the bookmark folder before "stop Synch" you might loose all your bookmarks everywhere.

I think that the use of profiles and Issue 2614 (

becomes now even more actual.

wildcats74 said...

Finally built-in bookmark syncing.. Ive been waiting for this to make the switch to Chrome. THANKS!

REO said...

This is a very nice release!

Great work -- everyone!


Rob said...

Any word yet on Adblock (plus) etc for blocking ads?

TrueDis said...

You guys are pretty out of control with the major version numbers...

Jon said...

I'm confused by the version number change. Does this mean all the changes that are going to be in 3.0 are the ones prior to this? So extensions in 3.0 won't have any additional features or APIs beyond those that are current in there?

Alvaro García said...

Rob: there is an ad blocker called AdSweep, it works with Chrome. Although you have to add: --enable-extensions to your shortcut for it to work :)

Rob said...

ALVARO - Thanks, I did that, and it does work, however, I had the --sync too added at the end for the sync bookmarks, and now that is gone, can I do a full line of strings at the end? the bookmarks, adsweep, etc? too then?

javkov said...

when is going to be ready chrome 3 stable?

Alvaro García said...

Rob: I wonder that too, I've never asked.
Maybe it's possible that one can put many strings or only one, I don't know.

FleckerMan said...

Chris, that already exists, you just... click it after clicking download, and it opens when it finishes... (i.e. two clicks, just as a flow breaking option dialog would be, without an annoying option when the save _has_ to happen anyway...

I guess if you don't want it in your downloads folder, but only in your internet cache, perhaps there is a case there... A better solution may be to easily delete saved files of the disk from the download bar once your done with them?)

Still loving the Chrome, but please please, listen to Sanjay in regards to Recent Bookmarks... It's a wonderful feature and I don't want to lose it!

It could be disabled by default for whatever reason it was removed ('not used very much'?) and enabled for those that want it from either the customization options built into the NTP, or (at worst) a command line option.

3ball said...

How can I sync bookmarks to my google apps version of google docs. When I fill in my, it is with no problem. However then I see that the synchro is with my standard gmail account. :/

FleckerMan said...

My earlier post was not in reference to 4.0 Dev Build, now I'm updated, I note that Recent Bookmarks is still around, though I am concerned it may still be planned to disappear in the NNTP, :)

Chris L. Carnakis, Esq. said...

Sorry FleckerMan. I guess that I should have clarified: I want Chrome to have option to open files on the fly by downloading them to the internet cache (temp folder). It's just annoying when my desktop, download folder or other designated download folder becomes cluttered with files that I simply wanted to open/run rather than to save. For example, I simply want the option to open/run certain files like pdf files, audio files, video files, and so forth, instead of saving them either to my desktop or a designated download folder. A couple of specific examples of how annoying this can get is when I download my Callwave or eFax files from Gmail: I end up with wav files and pdf files scattered throughout my desktop (where I save downloads); I simply want the option to open/run such files.

I understand that these files are, nevertheless, saved when opening/running them. But, they are saved in a temp folder. Such browsers as Firefox and IE8 possess this feature. And, I certainly hope that it's implemented in Chrome soon. Who knows, may be Google is currently working on this option but it may take them some time. I can only hope so. :)

tommyla said...

i miss a option to use to

Diego said...

version 4?
I thought that you were going to make all extensions support on v3, something well done and stable.
There are so many details to add to Chrome, and we are in v4. I think the numbers are moving faster than the features. At this rate Chrome gonna be on v12 next year lol

Anyway, the bookmarks sync sound great, im waiting for it in the beta channel!
It would be nice to have some good download administrator, on a different window, not on a tab.

Alvaro García said...

Version 5 is coming on September, featuring an all-new addition...

Yeah, that's it! A big addition! So big, we had to make a new version number for it!!


David Knowles said...

Alvaro García you do realise there already a home page button but you have to turn it on using the spanner, option, Homepage, and tick show home button on toolbar

Alvaro García said...

Anyway, it was just a joke.

David Knowles said...

A very poor joke.

Alvaro García said...

Okay then, let's say:


There :D

Miguel said...

"It would be nice to have some good download administrator, on a different window, not on a tab."
You can just drag the current download tab out of the window and resize it, but I know what you mean.

It'd be nice to have more personalization options to choose, like: whether opening or not that window to confrim the download and save/open the file, and choose whether to use a tab or a window for downloads.

Barclay McFadden said...

i think synced bookmarks are nice, but really not a huge factor in one's internet experience.

what is huge, and I'm dieing for, is A MORE ROBUST PASSWORD MANAGER



If google has the toolbar working with the other browsers, it can't be too challenging to integrate into chrome. this is a real bummer for me. roboform is awesome.

does anyone have an idea on when these features are scheduled?

- autofill with credit card and multiple address
- more robust password system where you can select a site from a drop down list and it will take you there and login automatically

thanks google, i'm patiently supporting but may switch without my robo or autofill.

trax100 said...

Hi folks
I am new to GChrome v4
Is there any way to restore on BIG TEXT LIST without icons on my "New page" like in GChrome v3???

For "me" it was better :)

Waheed said...

But what about my other bookmarks which are stored in Google Bookmarks.

How can i get those ones to have all at same place.

gensplejs said...

you can just select import from google toolbar to get the boockmarks from google boockmarks.

carc (pasch) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
johanns said...

I agree with sanjay I miss the
1. Recent tabs
2. Recent downloads
3. Recent Bookmarks

Would be nice to have this list in a box as it maximizes my use of the new tab page.

Delmar said...

I really love Chrome but woow guys, version 4 already after just one year since release?! That's a bit too much, 'cause there aren't really many new features and for fixing a bug it's a simple update enough I think, like 1.1.3 für example...
Well that's my optinion, beside of that is Chrome the best browser ever :-) ...

Sebastian Bella said...

my bookmarks are stored in Google Bookmarks. :( It doesnt work for me! :(

J&D said...







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