Friday, August 7, 2009

Dev Channel Update: Fixes and Plugins

3.0.197.x has been released to the dev channel with the following changes:

Windows / All Builds  (
  • Crash fixes
  • Bug 2993: Fix tabs getting "stuck" to your mouse and dragged out when under system load [r22024].
  • Bug 60: Make downloads removable from download shelf and download list [r22138].
  • Bug 17697: Properly unescape past searches in the Omnibox dropdown [r22167].
  • Bug 3641: Setting Chrome as default browser on multiple accounts in Vista should work [r22282].
  • Tweaks for new New Tab Page [r22316], [r22320], [r22337], [r22388], [r22428].
  • Bug 8037: Use jumplists on Windows 7 [r22375].
  • Bug 998518271: Fixes for proxy users [r22430].
  • Rich text editors can now remove <s>, <u> and <strike> tags [Webkit r46286].

Linux  (
  • Default to showing the custom Chrome frame for most users [r22193].
  • Bug 15952: Use Linux native-looking title bar buttons. 
  • Many plugin fixes; fewer crashes [r21992], [r22037], [r22083] and Gmail no longer hangs [r22165].
  • GTK theme mode no longer fails to display the back button on recent Linux distros [r22242].
  • GTK themed location bar now matches theme text color (fix for dark themes) [r22018].
  • Match GTK's font hinting settings [r22411].

Mac  (
  • Bug 17555: Fix for a particularly common crash on Mac.
  • Bug 11952: Support input method editors (IMEs).
  • Enabled plugin support by default [r22209].


  • Bugs 18140 and 18472: Fix for crashes. 
  • Added a mole expand/collapse API, callable from a toolstrip [r22382].
  • Fix a bug where content scripts that are supposed to match all pages don't match hosts that are IP addresses [r22260].
  • Delay loading of toolstrips until the background page is ready [r22302].
  • First cut at the final extension installation prompt on Windows [r22368].
  • Experimental support for Databases and DOM Storage when extensions are enabled [r22452 and r22407].
  • Beginnings of extension shelf for linux [r22439].
Known issues:
  • (Mac) Flash can use a lot of CPU.
  • (Mac) Bug 18203:  Mouse clicks on Flash content often doesn't work. (Try middle-click as a workaround.)
  • (Mac) Bug 18666: Page Up/Down and Cursor Up/Down no longer scroll page content.
More details about additional changes are available in the svn log of all revisions.

You can find out about getting on the Dev channel here:

If you find new issues, please let us know by filing a bug at

Jonathan Conradt
Engineering Program Manager


Manish said...

Nice to see that the bug ids are back :)

Marcelo said...

Wow! Faster.

Win Vista 32 - SP2

joe said...

jumplists and the ability to remove individual items from the download page! thats awesome!

and kudos on bringing back the bug ids :)

Diego said...

Bug 2993 was really annoying, thx!

I never liked the download administrator. I think it would be better on a separated window, like on Firefox, Safari, IE.

tbs7645 said...

what an amazing update!!

1. jumplist support, hell yes

2. can erase downloads from download list

have been waiting for both of these for quite some time :)

haven't been on the dev channel (just for stability) in a little while, but ha welcome me back.. plus the new tab page is much better

tbs7645 said...

oh and why not make the even more box on the new tab page, downloads and just leave the box on the left as history.

Arley said...

It feels a little faster than the Beta version awesome update keep em coming Google.

Victorfuts said...

the new google chrome just does not work with google desktop, whenever i press Ctrl twice, the search box just doesnt show up.

Aviramof said...

I Have one Problem With Google Chrome:

2.i can't get the favorits to look normal what i mean is that i want all folder to be orginize by name and all the rest should be orgenize by name underneth the folders like in IE in chrome for some reason there is no seperation folder are mixed with regular shortcuts and i don't like it very much.

10x in advance.:)

Aviramof said...

actually now in this new version it's ok now it look as it should be.:)

maybe you should consider doing it default option folders are orginize by name and underneeth them resgular shortcuts also orginize by name but underneeth not mixed with the folders.:)

fhucho said...

The new version looks very good in my Ubuntu (I am using the gray theme). Now I began using Chrome more than Firefox(because it is slow) and I'am waiting for extension support to switch altogether.

Maical clark said...

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Maical clark said...

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Ron said...

Great progress on the Mac and Linux versions! Please, please, please let me set my font size on the Mac version -- is that something we can expect soon? I was glad to see that option enabled in the "Options" panel on Linux in the .196 series and would love to have it on the Mac.

cristian08 said...

Hi people! Nice to see that work in the browser, but I have a question:

Why don't you fix the problem with the sugestion page "Even more - What will we put here?"? In others versions it works... and is very usefull!

Anyway, nice work guys.


Archie said...

I'll second Victorfuts - Google Desktop search shortcut doesn't work with chrome for me either.

Also, in the stable (not beta/developer) version, they have the last (most used, I don't know) searches in boxes for easy access on the new tab page, I would like to see these return.

Otherwise, thanks for the update - chrome is doing well as ever!

PS, can a someone get rid of the spam from Maical clark?

Jeffrey said...

This build is approach to perfection and consider as the world fastest browser. By using Peacekeeper to running a test, it score a nice result. But on the other side, the acid3 test still showing a cross on the top right corner and also filled with red color as their background. Though, the browser response towards immediate change of the webpage seems a bit dull in comparing with the Safari 4 browser as well as Mozilla Firefox 3.5.2. Please fix this problems as soon as possible.

houtxone said...

I agree that the Google desktop search box does not work while Chrome is running. The box flashes when ctrl ctrl is hit but that's it. Once Chrome is shutdown, it works normally.

mtrim said...

Is everyone else seeing the updated jump list function in this release? I still only see the standard 3 options (Chrome, Unpin and Close). Using Dev build.

Philipp said...

you can drag a link out of the adress bar to the icon in the taskbar, the you can access it with the jumplist. i think thats for now all of the jumplist implementaion

Bryan said...

Now the mac client is constant "disslecteing" it self like it gets "light grey" randomly and I have to reselect it to make it the active window. I hope that makes sense its sorta hard to describe. but its a really annoying issue that just appeared.

Makoto said...

When I run Chrome in Windows Vista, pages always load faster, but sites like gmail, orkut and other Google sites, always slow and sometimes freeze.
Until now, I didn't know what happen to this, but today, when I crash the Google Gears process, all sites that sometimes was slow or freeze, load very faster. The problem is the Gears plugin.
Are there any option to disable Gears in Chrome?

Sean said...

using linux version

i was moving a tab out as to make its own page, and then moved it back to the the original page, the tab got stuck on my cursor and wouldnt come off, i couldnt do anything... but the fix of this is to hit esc and it goes back... i sat there for a few minutes trying to shake the tab off

Taleb said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Giaco said...

After I wath some flash movie like youtube i cant use touchpad scroll.

s said...

Some buttons are not working properly on facebook pages.It was same in older versions of Chrome.

s said...

Some web pages which contain java applications can not be opened.Then Chrome freezes.

sarvesh said...

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sarvesh said...

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inkvizitor68sl said...

bug with maximization of window from panel... when i cliking on chrome title on panel, while it is minimazed - window appearing, but flashing few seconds.

ubuntu 9.04, fluxbox. it becomed with this update. compiz offed.