Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dev Channel Update: Bug Fixes and Locales

This release is for Mac and Linux and it includes a number of bug fixes:

  • (Bug 18427Make New Tab Page load faster with custom themes [r22462].
  • (Bug 18160) Ensure downloads really stop when a user cancels [r22557].
  • (Bug 13649, Bug 18456) Don't show themes in chrome://extensions/, since that page doesn't work well with them [r22578].
  • (Bug 18480) Theme the New Tab Page in incognito mode too [r22613].
  • (Bug 15247) Add a way to restore blacklisted thumbnails on the New Tab Page [r22704].
  • (Bug 18093) App mode and popup windows should not be themed [r22783].

  • Flash gets mouse and key events so you can pause/play video.
  • (Bug 13203) Forward/backward buttons now have history dropdown menus.
  • (Bug 18353) Arrow keys work again.

  • (Bug 14790Now supporting 50 locales.
  • Support downloading large files (greater than 2GB) [r22670].

Known Issues:
  • (Mac Bug 12030) Quicktime and other plugins no longer load since they are not yet supported.
More details about additional changes are available in the svn log of all revisions.

You can find out about getting on the Dev channel here:

If you find new issues, please let us know by filing a bug at

Jonathan Conradt
Engineering Program Manager


Pascal said...

Version of windows?

gsctt said...

Still it isn't a version for Windows, but ONLY for Linux and Mac.

gsctt said...

Sounds crazy, but the Chromium is already in version 4.0!!!!
Definitely, the Google Chrome team has a different concept of Softwares Version Numbers.

Li, Quanjia said...

make it even faster, especially new tab which become slower after a while

vhanla said...

This is version, I hope they fixed gmail attachments uploads which showed crash dialog on previous version... testing

Pulkit Swarup said...

so where do I go, if I need to change the theme in chrome (linux). As stated, in the bug fixes list chrome://extensions no more displays theme list to be selected.

vhanla said...

yeah, no extensions shown from previous version...
btw: I've seen in previous version too that after a 10 or maybe more minutes not using chrome and left the application in background, I can't return to it, it becomes unresponsive...

aaa said...

that's so cool!
This is an informative blog

fhucho said...

I wish you finally implement middle mouse button autoscrolling in Linux version.

fhucho said...

I like that the tab title font is bigger.

Alex G said...

Move the restore of blacklisted thumbnails to beta ASAP. Thanks

Catherine said...

I love how much effort your putting into the Linux version and I enjoy reading about the process.

Chrome is very complete even thought it's just a developer's version, and I'm looking forward to how it will be once the browser is ready!

Thank you so much

Pavel said...

Tips for new improvements

There are few functions in IE7Pro I realy miss - Super Drag and Drop and Save Page to Image

Super Drag and Drop is more comfortable than dragigng to exact (very small) part of screen...
URL: open in new tab
not URL: search in new tab
image: save to HDD

Kastrasyon said...

Still crashes when using omnibox. When I use the thumbnails on the new tab page or bookmarks, it works perfectly. But when I begin to type on the address bar, it crashes. To solve this problem, I have to clear all my personal data and restart the browser. So I created a bookmark to Google main page. That way, I can use the browser but the annoying problem still exists.

Lumo said...

Google Chrome is now downloadable! It's real Chrome, not just Chromium. ;-)

The recently closed windows are arranged horizontally.

vhanla said...

Chrome set to default browser, but can't open html files by double clicking on them...
Running on Ubuntu 9.04

Swordrune10 said...

mac version

light testing proves well, themes about as ugly on any other system, but still works as its suppose to, flash works fantastically, new tab tiny bit slow but doable for me

gsctt said...

Hooray, update to version available for Dev Channel!

J&D said...







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scott said...

I would like to see a middle mouse button autoscroll feature for ubuntu linux implemented soon.