Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beta Update:

Google Chrome's Beta channel has been updated to This release includes all the patches and fixes between and

Some highlights for this release:

  • Lots of bug and stability fixes!
  • Added support to cache some form submissions so that when you press back, you don't get the annoying "Confirm Form Submission"
  • Autocomplete popup now appears when you press up/down key in a text-field.
  • Visited links from normal browsing are no longer being displayed as visited (i.e. purple) in incognito mode.
  • Pressing the Del key while a item is selected in the form suggestion popup deletes that suggestion.

Anthony Laforge, PMP
Google Chrome


Ultimate Websites & Software! said...

I have a few questions about Chrome, Does it pass the Acid 3 test (including linktest), support RSS feeds, have add on support?

Diego said...

I think that its the same answer for the three... No.

Acid Test 100/100 but fail linktest.

I hope we have some really big release soon =/

Bookmarks and download manager are... bad.

Anyway, i have been using Chrome as default browser since the first stable release =)

Ultimate Websites & Software! said...
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Robert R. said...

Ah, this one crashes on GMail before the inbox pops up. Looks like I'll head back to the stable releases...

Axel668 said...

This one doesn't seem to be very stable ... should stay on Beta or even, which is the last one that really worked for me


Jug said...

Yikes, indeed a really odd build for me, here on the Swedish version of Windows Vista 64-bit, if that has to do with anything. All it takes for me in a textbox to shift text orientation to right-to-left is a keypress of Ctrl + Left Arrow, which is horrible as I often do that if I edit text I'm about to type in a form. Surely that can't be an intentional shortcut? I don't even know how to switch back when it happens; no, it's notr Ctrl + Right Arrow, or another press of the same key.

Also, all icon images on the toolbar of the blog post text box on my WordPress Administration page is now gone. :S

This is just from what I discovered within half an hour here and I'll have to revert the build for now.

micka39 said...

The value indicated on a button, is still empty and blank button appears on many web site as
Google Reader, Twitter, ..

ubuntu ^^ said...

Hee, some of you guys are stupid.

If you use beta version, it is supposed to be buggy..

and don't you undestand that google chrome hasn't been developed for even a year, while e.g. firefox and opera have been developed for over 4 years.

So even though Google Chrome Beta 2's code is based on Firefox, Safari Web Kit and their own creations, it is not supposed to best Beta browser available!

Get-it? :)

Joelg88 said...

I've noticed the same glitch that "micka39" is seeing.

On twitter for example the text disappears from the buttons.

Costa said...

Ubuntu^^ we know that is in developing process. Only we wish help.

The Internet need a standard web browser.

Jug said...

Ubuntu^^: One need to be able to report regressions here, right? That is also part of the development process. Of course we know it's a beta with bugs. Stop being so defensive.

ZGYIrgEFuY6VwK4mSWb.J2K_rmuN1OI- said...

I'm also having problems with the involuntary orientation change in textboxes through the ctrl+shift+left shortcut and I also can't find a way to change it back to normal.

I use this key combination a lot to navigate through the text and to select it and end up having to reload the pages all the time to get them back to normal.

Please don't include this shorcut or change it in the final release version or, at least, make it optional.