Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dev release:

Google Chrome version has been released to Dev channel subscribers ONLY. 

About the Dev Channel
The Dev channel lets you test the latest fixes and get access to new features as they're being developed. We will release new builds to the Dev channel about every week so that you can preview --and provide feedback on-- what's coming in Google Chrome. 

You can learn more about the Dev channel and how to subscribe here: 

Release Highlights
  • Scrolling with laptop trackpads is fixed (Issue 4).
  • Check for updates works from the About box (Issue 2362, was broken in Dev channel only).
  • Removed the separate installer for Gears. Gears is now installed as a versioned component in the same directory as Google Chrome.
  • You can now add words to the spellcheck dictionary. Right-click a misspelled word and choose 'Add to dictionary...'
A more complete list of changes can be found here:

--Mark Larson, Google Chrome Program Manager


David said...

I can scroll! Finally, I can scroll!

Throw in some Toolbar action, and we're there!

Anonimous said...

Yes! The scroll works. What took you so long? :)

Juke said...

Have version
Want dev update
Am on dev channel.
Chrome won't display update button in wrench dropdown.

U M A R F A R U K said...

Hey man Its superb. For Thanks.

kaltes Wasser said...

Chrome needs a better download-overview.
Sometimes I forget that I started a download and download it again...

Oz said...

Trackpad scroll works great. Mouse wheel scroll. But wheel-less middle mouse button scrolling (or whatever you'd call that) doesn't work yet.

I'd really like to have an option to not exit Chrome when the last tab is closed and instead have it open up a new tab window when that happens, similar to how it is on virtually every other browser.

Jessi said...

The new edits are wonderful!
I also wanted to add that not only is the multiple-bookmarks-per-URL feature good, having the option of opening my bookmarks in a separate tab or window would be nice. It's difficult to organize the bookmarks when each move, accidental or not, closes the pop-up menu and makes me have to scroll all the way down again.
The availability of a print preview button wouldn't be remiss, either.


Patrick said...

Still having issues when viewing gmail in Chrome... check boxes continue to disappear at random points in time.

Seems odd seeing as it's GOOGLE mail. Get on that fix, it's pretty embarrassing.

Leo said...

This release has fixed a lot of problems I've had with Chrome, including a weird form malfunction where the letter l would completely erase everything.
However, the Chrome incognito window is oddly sized (really thin and tall), and a couple of Facebook button issues have re-reared their ugly head.

Jeff Pannone said...

One of the nicest features of firefox is the ability open different file extensions in external applications after download.

I resort to ff for certain tasks because of it, but I don't want to.

I'd love to see this feature in chrome.

Michael said...

can't watch videos on youtube with this for some reason.
IE works just fine.

tracer said...

FINALLY after rebuilding my computer (motherboard died) I have it back in action or better it was running for a week before I get back to Chrome... Be honest, whats MS going to say if their xp crashes during install of chrome! On other problem as it seems the googlemail has changed. I REALLY like to click NOT to add stuff other people by default but the opposite or better set it to a personal default. Normally I do remember what the conversation is about.
Secondly I DO need folders ie those subject collections like the Bat uses.... Colours are nice for sorting but no good for getting your letters sorted out.
For the rest I see several things are sorted out, I hope so anyway that the gmail spellchecker now works as before..

Brendan Hemens said...

I can't seem to 'Create event' from gmail with this release. Chrome is blocking the pop-up, but not notifying me that it is doing so, even though I have that option checked.

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